Trivia Contests
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We have so many Trivia Contests at Woodloch.  Have you given them a try?  We’ve got games for music lovers, entertainment buffs, and even general trivia.

They vary in difficulty from mildly easy, to extremely challenging.

  • Sports Fanatics Trivia Challenge – Multiple choice questions covering the NFL NBA MLB NHL & Mixed multiple sports like College Golf and Tennis…..You then bet on your teams knowledge of the question.  The bonus round is last and is a fill in the blank all in round

  • Play It Be Ear – Audio soundtrack game where teams hear a clip and are asked a question about what they listened to.

  • The Google Game – A great Trivia game based on the world’s most popular search engine.

  • Ranker Trivia – This game is a listing game based off the popular website

  • Triv-Emoji – Can you figure out the answers using only the Emoji’s provided?  It’s harder than you think!

  • Linkee – Instead of answering questions, all correct responses share a common bond or “Link”.

  • Over Under Trivia – Have you ever found yourself trying to guess what year something happened, or maybe even how much something costs? Well here is your chance to win a Woodloch gold medal playing that exact game! Your mission is to try to get closest to the actual number without going over! At the end of the game, the team with the lowest score wins!

  • Match Game – A new twist to a classic game.  Do you have what it takes to match other teams or will you be all alone with your answers?

  • Wheel of Fortune – Our version of Americas most popular game show!  Take your chance and spin our Woodloch Wheel!

  • Name that Cartoon – Cartoon fans of all ages can test your knowledge of cartoon characters throughout the generations!

  • Decades/Flashback Contests –  Join us to test your knowledge of music, movies and tv from some of your favorite decades. Including the 80s, 90s, 00s and 2010s.

  • Headrush – The first Woodloch brain game that changes every single round.  Teams for this game can be made up of 6-10!  The challenges are different, the amount of points a team can score varies, and there are a surprising amount of twists and turns. There’s only one thing guaranteed: every round should be challenging. Headrush’s six rounds each have their own names and official colors to give them a distinct feel from one another.

  • Survey Says –  A new twist on family feud where all teams can participate to guess the top answers on our surveys!

  • Insane Bets – A Woodloch version of Candid Camera, you must bet on the outcome of the candid camera videos!

  • You Bet Your Life – A Woodloch reboot of a classic game show.  You get to bet on your teams trivia knowledge…how much are you willing to risk to win?

And many more!  Check the Activity Sheet on you next visit!

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