Min-It to Win It 2018

Our guests take our events, and the chance to earn a “medal” very seriously!  But not all of our guests are athletes.  And sometimes, it’s nice to compete with your friends and family just for the FUN of it!  Min-It to Win It is a game for all ages, and ALL abilities.

Teams of approximately 10 members will compete every Monday afternoon against each other in a series of INDOOR games.  Some are easy….some are silly….but most of all, it’s just about having FUN.

That being said, you can still win a medal!

  • Penny Stack Game – pennies are laid flat on a table. Using only one hand, you must pick up as many pennies as you can and stack them. Higher stacks, more points!.

  • Mentos Game –  players are asked to drop mentos mints into a can of diet soda! If the drop is successful, your team enjoys bonus points as a volcano of soda shoots out of the can!

  • Dice Stack – regular casino dice are laid out on a table. One at a time, teammates will step up with a plastic cup and attempt to stack as many dice as they can, using only the cup!

  • Sticky Balls -there is a slanted table with double sided tape stuck to the very end of it. Using golf balls, teammates will roll the ball with just the right amount of speed to get the golf ball to stick to the tape.

  • Play It By Ear – there are 10 closed coffee cans containing change. Based on sound only, teams are expected to line the cans with the least amount of change, to the most.

  • Egg Crates – there are two sets of egg crates with different color zones. Each zone is worth a different point total. Teams are given ping pong balls in which they will bounce and attempt to land them in the zones. The further away it lands, the more points!