Min-It to Win It

Our guests take our events, and the chance to earn a “medal” very seriously!  But not all of our guests are athletes.  And sometimes, it’s nice to compete with your friends and family just for the FUN of it!  Min-It to Win It is a game for all ages, and ALL abilities.

Teams of approximately 10 members will compete against each other in a series of INDOOR or OUTDOOR games.  Some are easy….some are silly….but most of all, it’s just about having FUN.

That being said, you can still win a medal!

  • Pasta Pick Up – home much pasta can you move…using pasta?

  • Racquet Game – get the ball in the basket worth the MOST points..using the racquet.

  • Kaboom – a broom, a ramp, a target….hard to explain this one!

  • 10 Solo Cups – get the ball in the cup, then stack them up.  Can you get them all?

  • Spare Me – half a pool noodle, a ball and box targets.  Sometimes, we can be a bit weird…….

  • Tilted Table – keep the marbles moving but don’t let them fall off the ramp.