Waterslide & H2O Fun!
Man going down indoor waterslide


Our indoor waterslide and splash area is a very active space- our guests will be wet if they walk into this room. There is a viewing area on the upper deck they can walk out to see the room, slide and water features, as well as glass windows on both the lower and upper decks.

This amenity  is geared for anyone from 8-80 (there is NO age requirement, but there is a height requirement.  To go down the slide you must be at least 42″ tall – this is not a Woodloch rule, this is a manufacturer requirement!), the water slide is flowing water at appx. 800 gallons a minute, making it very fast and the splash zone has water constantly dumping and spraying from the handful of features in this room.

Here are some of the details:

  • The tumbler buckets are 11’ tall, with three arms off the main unit

  • The Superdome located in the center of this room is 19.5’ tall, it has three branches  that come off this unit, and will have a water cage located directly underneath this entire feature.

  • The water slide platform is at 10’ tall, with its own splash down pool.

  • The SplashDome holds 350 Gallons of water, of which, 300 Gallons are dumped every couple minutes over the course of 20 seconds or so.

  • There are 21 arch jets spaced out  on the exterior wall constantly flowing water onto the deck.

  • There are three Gusher jets placed near the entrance of this room , which will randomly shoot water straight in the air.

Photo of Woodloch's Indoor Splash Zone