``To Woodloch.....and BEYOND!`` Escape Room
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In Woodloch’s newest quest to stump our guests we’re traveling to a land of monsters, toys, and imagination.

Mandy’s evil neighbor, Eric Benny, is home early after being kicked out of summer camp for bad behavior and a group of toys have gone missing from Mandy’s bedroom. Your escape room team will have one hour and just two free hints to use when you think you need them most to find the toys and replace them to their appropriate spots on the toy shelf in Mandy’s room before Eric gets his hands on them and blasts them into infinity and beyond!!!

Don’t let the theme fool you! Yes, you will recognize a few beloved characters along the way, but this escape room is sure to challenge even the biggest of fans!

 *$100 Per Group, no repeat sign-ups allowed.
Futuristic cartoon illustration with characters falling from the sky
Illustration of robot made out of yellow and grey lego type blocks