Chuck Russell Award 2018

*We are pleased to announce that our Chuck Russell Award Plaques and awardsare proudly displayed in our “Wall of Fun” corner (near the stage).*


Chuck Russell was a uniquely enthusiastic guest at Woodloch for 20 years.
He drove extremely long distances to be here every year.
He loved the spirit of the competitions at Woodloch.  He participated in all of them.

Chuck put all his energy into helping the team, but he didn’t care if he won or lost.
He made every effort to help the children on his teams.

Chuck loved to win;  but he genuinely applauded the victor if he lost.
He personified the spirit of the Woodloch games.

Chuck lost the battle to  cancer in 1995 and in his honor we present;
each summer week, The Chuck Russell Award,
“The True Spirit of the Woodloch Games” to one deserving Woodloch guest.


2018 Chuck Russell Award Winners



2018 Honorary Chuck Russell Winner

Jimmy Quinn

Jimmy has been coming multiple times a year for the past 46 years and still plays every gym game/sport at the young age of 81!