Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of email here at the EDGE, and while we try to get back to everyone as quickly as possible, it’s not always easy to keep up.
We thought we could save everyone some time by posting some of the most frequently asked questions here (with answers of course!)

“Can I bring my Hoverboard?  “

Due to safety concerns and pending investigations, hoverboards are not permitted on any Woodloch properties at this time. As most of you know by now, some models have been known to cause fires or explode, making it dangerous to have them anywhere on property.

“The EDGE won’t work in INTERNET EXPLORER on my computer?  “

If the EDGE isn’t working in Internet Explorer the most likely causes is that you are running an outdated version of the software.  You need IE 10 or higher to properly view our site.   Update your browser!  Not just to view the EDGE, but for your own browsing experience.  IE 9 and below are security risks!  Don’t want to update?  Try using an alternative like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

“The EDGE Games aren’t working!!! “

The classic games on the EDGE are FLASH based games.  You should have NO issue playing them from a laptop, desktop, or windows/android based device.  Our games do NOT work on APPLE products as they won’t support Flash.

“What events are planned for our visit……what is the nightly entertainment…….can I get a calendar in advance……”

This is the MOST asked question type that we get here at the EDGE.  We can almost always provide a “basic” overview of what will be offered during your stay, but we can’t guarantee that a certain event will take place, or that our schedule won’t change.  ALL of our schedules are constantly being tweaked and adjusted to meet the needs of our guests.  Very often, we are still finishing up our Daily Activities while you are waking up!
In a world where people want instant access to information, we encourage you to take a deep breath and just come along for the ride.  If you do, we think you will have a great time!

How do I access the drop down menu on the EDGE from my mobile device?

When visiting from a phone or smaller tablet, click on the EDGE logo to access the home page.  Just tap the upper left hand corner for the screen to bring up the drop down menu.
*Please note, our EDGE Games will not work on Apple devices as they are Flash files*

The Daily Activity Sheet is showing the wrong day!!!  Why isn’t the sheet updated!!!!!!

The Activity Sheet is updated and UPLOADED every morning.  If you are viewing it from your computer, phone, iPad, tablet, you may need to “refresh” the page to see the latest version.
(EDITORS NOTE:  clean out your browser history and cookies on your computer AND your PHONE once in a while!  It will speed things up!!)

I am visiting from __________ to _________.  What day will __________________ be held?   What time will _____________ be held?

There are a lot of factors that go into planning what events will take place every day/week.  Weather, guest counts, special occasions all come into play.
We do follow an outline during the Summer/Winter months, but even then we often have to make changes.

Can you post the activity sheet in advance?

We are constantly tweaking and adjusting our Daily Activity Sheets to meet the needs and wants of our guests.  We are often finalizing details early in the morning for each day, so it is not possible to post the sheet in advance.

Our family had photos taken in the dining room/at the lake front/etc, but we can’t find them online?

Photos taken by the SOCIAL STAFF are posted to the Woodloch Photo Store within 24 hours (usually that very same day).  The professional photographers are outside contractors, and it takes them between 10 – 14 days to post all photos online.

We are visiting from ____________ to ____________.  When will the Game Cheats be updated?
Our policy on Game Cheats has remained constant.  Check the site 3-5 days before you visit.  When we change out the clues, IT WILL BE POSTED IN THE TOP STORIES/HEADLINES on the EDGE.  If you get your clues too early, and have the wrong items/answers we can’t help you out!  We love that you want to be prepared.  Just don’t prepare too early!