X-Treme Paintball

Boy running during paintball event Woodloch Resort



  • Cost is $40 for one hour (10-15min of hour is instruction)

  • You are guaranteed at least 3 skirmishes

  • Closed toe shoes required

  • Must be 11 & up to participate (if under 18 must have guardian present to sign waiver)

  • Only Woodloch equipment allowed (no outside guns, paintballs, etc)

  • be prepared to get messy, you will not walk away from this clean (even with our camo suits)

You must arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time
No refunds for late cancellations (up to 1hr prior). Please note that if you cancel due to weather conditions but if the paintball field remains open we cannot guarantee you a spot the next day & no refunds. If paintballing is closed due to weather, you will not be charged.

Whats included:

  • 250 paintballs (more available for a nominal fee of $5 per 100)

  • Camo Suit (not required)

  • Paintball Mask

  • Paintball gun (with compressed air)


Examples of paintball games:

  • Speed Ball- Your team will start on one side of our field while your competitor will be on the other side. The objective is simple: get as many people to their home base as possible without getting shot. The team that has the most players on the other teams base wins

  • Capture the Flag- This is a classic paintball game where you must “capture” the other teams flag (which is located at their base) and bring it back safely to your home base without getting shot

  • Survivor- This event is an all-out battle to the end. You will go head to head with another team and play until one squad is completely eliminated.



Paintballing is considered an extreme sport. Getting hit by a paintball does hurt and may cause your skin to welt up.
Please make absolutely sure that you are ok with getting hit by a paintball before signing up!!!!

*keeping with our goal to be a “Green” Resort, our paintballs are environmentally friendly*