Ninja Warrior Amazing Race

Our Amazing Race is now a NINJA WARRIOR RACE!


Our Amazing Race is always one of the most challenging events at Woodloch.  Athletic challenges, a LOT of running.  It wasn’t for the faint of heart!

As we tend to do….it’s now BIGGER, and MUCH more challenging!!

You will still be running.  But the challenges are much more intense.  We aren’t saying that you need to start Ninja “boot camp”.  But we aren’t saying that would be a bad idea either!

Get your team together and try out our most difficult Amazing Race yet!

  • Cargo Net

  • Climbing Wall

  • RIng Lift

  • Tire Bridge

  • Hula Hoop Hurdles

  • Sideways Wall Walk

  • Trapeze Challenge

  • Fireman’s Pole

  • Barbell Climb

  • Rope Swing