Woodloch at Home

First, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been playing along and following us on Social Media during these incredibly trying times.  We hope we have provided at the very least a small distraction and a few smiles along the way.


Our content is growing at such a rate, that we have decided to move it from the EDGE to our Resort website,
You still find all the games, projects and interviews there.  They will also have some at-home recipe ideas, and some other content to help us all practice our Social Distancing.

At Woodloch, together is the best place to be, and our story is about family, coming together.  Families of blood, bond, and friendship.  Right now we extend our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this crisis and look forward to an expedient return to normalcy.

We all understand our responsibility for social distancing, and in classic Woodloch spirit, we are going to do whatever we can to bring those families together through Woodloch at Home!  

Woodloch at Home offers you fun, games, recipes, music, interviews, activities, and more that you can do on your own, with your household, and with all of us – digitally and through social media!  Follow along here, and through our social media channels to join in.  And remember, when we get through this, we’ll be here waiting for you.  To come back together.

We encourage you to share these activities and content with your friends.  Hope this brings some joy and thoughts of better times ahead.  If you do play along with us at home, we’d love to hear from you.  Post your photos and videos with the #WoodlochAtHome.


We have also opened up the COMMENTS section on this story.  So if you’d like to send suggestions or just say ‘Hi”, you can do that as well!


  1. Not sure why that is. It’s working here. Please check your email. I send you other links that will work 100%

  2. HI! Trying to do #3 scavenger hunt with the fam! for some reason unable to open the game or answer keys???? Thanks!

  3. Joey was not involved in our post. Scooter on the other hand, he owes us a Woodloch potholder. That was the deal. Just kidding.

  4. Glad you are enjoying the content. As for your request, all of our Staff Show files are currently locked up at Woodloch. Once we are back in, we will certainly look to post some clips for you.

    Those staff show clips were pretty specific, and pretty vintage. Are you sure Joey didn’t put you up to this? He does like seeing himself featured!

  5. We have enjoyed Name that tune, Horseracing and the Judge game. Latest horseracing, we had to do in separate locations, so set up Zoom to watch each other and each house ran the video and we stopped after each race to repick horses.

    Can you offer video of Staff shows or at least commercials/skits like Timex watch or What is Love? That would bring back funny memories.

    And will there be a game with Scooter involved?

    Great job on entertaining us as we cope with the current situation.

  6. Can you guys make a that’s entertainment one for us to do. The name the tune was the best thing to play and we would love to do a tv or movie one as well

  7. Hi! we just played the scavenger hunt as a family! So much fun!!!!! Thank you! we are looking for the answer key… Don’t see it on the page. Thanks!

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