New Escape Room

Our “Outbreak” Escape Room was a HUGE hit!  But it’s time to change things up.   Our BRAND NEW Wondland Escape Room is NOW OPEN!  Mystical, magical with a bit of whimsy…….


You have fallen down the rabbit hole and are now trapped in the Fantasy world of Wonderland.  Wonderland is a very curious place and you will not find navigating through it to be very easy.  Be prepared for strange creations and environments to help you find your way out while you work to retrieve the Red Queen’s crown. Reality will be altered and things simply will not be as they seem.

Your group will have to keep your wits about you to figure out the ins & outs of this maddening adventure before you run out of time.

You will have sixty minutes to escape from wonderland with the Red Crown, or you will be trapped down in the rabbit hole forever.  Tick tock, tick tock, the White Rabbit is already starting the clock!