Winter Fun!

Since 1991, Woodloch has been manufacturing piles and piles of artificial snow to keep our guests happy all season long.  Once temperatures consistently reach 20 degrees and below, we fire up our snow guns and magically transform into a blank canvas of grass into a towering mountain of white. Woodloch crafts not one but two snow tube runs!

We get a lot of questions on our snow-making operation, so we thought we’d give you the scoop behind the scenes of the magic!

  • Woodloch has 3 “snow guns” similar to those found at ski resorts. At peak operation, they transform 60-70 gallons of water into snow per minute!

  • With ideal conditions (very low temperatures and very low humidity) the guns can make more than enough snow to fill 4 triaxle dumptrucks in 8 hours!

  • Our “Snow Cat”- which resembles a bulldozer and a tank- is used by our staff to craft both tube runs and the snowmobile field.  It is also used throughout the season for 1-2 hours a day grooming our runs.

  • On average, we need about 10 solid nights of snowmaking to have enough powder to manufacture our tube runs. In total, it takes us about two weeks to manufacture and sculpt our tube runs!

  • Water for the runs is supplied to us by both Lake Teedyuskung and our private water tower.

  • The snow will typically stay with us through the winter season, as long as temperatures aren’t unseasonably warm. The last of it is pushed in the lake around the start of April- if it isn’t, the massive quantities would linger on the beachfront until about May!

So make sure you pack your mittens friends!  It’s always a winter wonderland here at Woodloch!

Can’t wait to see you this Winter!