Winter Olympics

The Woodloch Winter Olympics are one of our most popular events at the resort. As always, we will have 6 BRAND NEW events for you to compete in. We suggest you spend some time at the gym before you arrive…you will be running! (Don’t forget to dress for the weather conditions! We will be outside!)

Teams of approximately 10- 12 members will compete against each other in a series of outdoor games.

**we are currently making snow….hope to start our games soon!  Please check the daily Activity Sheet**

Medals are awarded for the top scores

  • Frozen Dice – Try your hand at this game that combines both skill and luck in attempting to be a high roller, while also trying to keep your dice on the ice board!
  • Tube-Mobile – Enjoy passing teammates riding tubes to your friends!
  • Airboard Relay – Try our new Airboards that have been rightfully dubbed “The fastest snow sled in America!”
  • Curling – Just like in the Olympics, teammates will attempt to use “touch” to get their curling stones to stay in the scoring zone!
  • Snow Tire – We have found some very big snow tires… and some that are not so big. You must try to squeeze yourself through them as fast as possible!
  • Snow Tube Run – Speed through our newest snow tube challenge!