Summer Weekly Results

Every year our guests write to us and ask, “how many points did our team score?”.
So we will post ALL the scores from every MAJOR event on the EDGE at the end of each week.

You can now see just how close you were to a medal.  The flip side here is that you can also see how FAR away you were too!

Just click on the dates you were here, and check it out….


*these files are PDF*

Week 1 (week of 6/30)

Week 2 (week of 7/7)

Week 3 (week of 7/14)

Week 4 (week of 7/21)

Week 5 (week of 7/28)

Week 6 (week of 8/4)

Week 7 (week of 8/11)

Week 8 (week of 8/18)

August 25 & 26