Wall of Fun Re-boot!

Our Wall of Fun has undergone a Re-Boot!

Our Wall of Fun has been a great contest the past few years, and we want to keep adding to our Wall.  So we are “removing” the contest element…to some degree.

The ultimate goal here:  Send us a UNIQUE photo that captures YOUR GREAT WOODLOCH EXPERIENCE!

As always, please send us the LARGEST FILE YOU POSSIBLY CAN. (we can use cell phone photos, but you need to set your phone camera settings to the LARGEST file it can take!)

If your family already has a photo on the Wall…that’s ok too!  The ULTIMATE goal here is to submit a photo that we love SO much, we have to put it on the Wall.

Maybe you aren’t the “submitting” a photo person/family?  We’ve got that covered too.  We have a photographer out at all our MAJOR events.  So grab that photographer, and be CREATIVE!  

And when you visit, go take a look.  Maybe you sent us or staged the MAGICAL photo!

We’ve made it easier to send us your photos!  Just fill out the form below!!

Upload Your Photos!