Theme Show Returns!
Illustration of the World with Icons

The smell of salt lingers in the air, the sound of seagulls cries in the distance, the sunshine warms your shoulders, and the ocean breeze gently tussles your hair. You’re on a beautiful tropical ISLAND… if only in your mind!

One can’t deny the gusto of island life, especially set to music! That’s why we are charting the course for a very special theme show in 2022 as Woodloch presents “Islands of the World!”

“2022’s show echoes our very first theme night, which paid homage to our 50th state, Hawaii,” says Joey Casella, show producer. “That was 1967, it’s safe to say things have changed a little bit since then! Still, this is a nice little tribute to those days for some of our guests who will remember!”

Our fresh musical production featuring plenty of tropical flair delights all ages. Calypso and reggae music, a twist of country, and a few Broadway musical numbers coupled with professional singers, dancers, pyrotechnics and a 22-foot LED screen make for a truly memorable production!

Compilation of various locations around the world