Survival Lake Games
Logo for our Summer 2022 Survival Games

We had such a great time during our “Survival Weekend”, that we decided to bring this to ALL of our guests this Summer!

Our Wednesday Lake Games will be “Survival Games”.

6 events that will test your athletic ability, your mental fortitude, and your ability to work as a TEAM for the common goal.

  • Flip the Coin:  Can you team flip the symbols to get 3 before your opponent.

  • Giant Maze Game:  Buckets of water, once you fill enough water, the ball will release, and then you can attempt to finish the maze

  • Metal Drums:  Rolls the drums, set them up, and then land as may bean bags on the drums for points

  • Tipsy Bricks:  Can you get all 10 bricks on the table without the table collapsing

  • Snake Puzzle:  Can you get through our obstacle course and complete the puzzle

  • Dowel & Ball:  Balance the ball and get as far as you can without it falling off.  The longer the dowel, the higher the point values

Muscular survivor man in jungle rainforest