Summer ``Winter`` Olympics

Not all of our guests get to visit us during the Winter months.  Our Winter Olympic games are one of our most popular events at the resort.  So this Summer, we are running our Winter Olympic games just for you!!

Teams of approximately 10- 12 members will compete against each other in a series of Winter Olympic style games.  Join us at our All-Season Skating Rink.

Medals are awarded for the top scores

  • Tube Slide Pick Up:  Ride across our skating rink in tube – and deliver the baton.

  • Balance Ring:  Can you go across our rink and carefully balance a set of assorted objects without knocking over any of your teammates?

  • Broom Ball:  Can you Sweep it together?

  • Hockey Hot Shot:  Can you score more goals than your opponents?

  • Curling:  A scaled down version of the real Winter Olympics Favorite.

  • Snow Ball Toss:  Pretty simple….you’re throwing snowballs for points!