The Woodloch Olympics are one of our most popular events at the resort. As always, we will have 6 events for you to compete in. We suggest you spend some time at the gym before you arrive…you will be running! (Don’t forget to dress for the weather conditions! We will be outside!)

Teams of approximately 10- 12 members will compete against each other in a series of outdoor games.

Medals are awarded for the top scores

  • Soccer Golf – Kick the ball into the targeted area for points.

  • Connect 4 0 How many Connect 4’s can you get before time runs out.

  • Shoe Bowl – You are bowling…using shoes instead of a ball.

  • Baseball Darts – Hit a stickball off a tee at the dart board.

  • Hula Hoop Game – Stands of different point totals.  Taller the stand, greater the points.

  • Hockey Shot – Different size goals.  Small goal – More Points!