Summer Olympics
Illustration of athletes and icons of ball and sports equipment.

Our annual Summer Olympic Games are always a MUST do when visiting Woodloch!

This event is a little different from our other events, because we CHOOSE the teams.  It provides an opportunity to meet other guests and create new friendships!

Sign up in advance, and join us on the Athletic Field on Friday morning all Summer long.

The Woodloch Summer Olympics are one of our most popular events at the resort. We’ve worked hard on new games, and are excited to share them with you and your family.  Get ready for some excitement, fun and laughter!

Medals awarded for top scores.

  • Field Hockey:  Your team needs to score goals, but it’s not as easy as you might think.

  • Track & Field:  Old fashioned baton relay race/

  • Target Practice:  Does you team have that golden eye?

  • Ricochet Soccer:  No straight shot into the goal in this event.

  • Pickle-Mitton:  Ask Joey?  This name sounds ridiculous to us here at the EDGE

  • Baseball:  All the fun of baseball, without the hitting or running.  But you WILL be throwing.

Family playing outdoor game at Woodloch Resort
photo of guest participating in outdoor event at Woodloch Resort