Store Wars

Cupcakes? Brownies? Donuts?…..You decide!!!!

We’ve never given our bakery wars teams so much creative freedom before!

The nightclub will take on the form of a shopping mall featuring 7 different “stores” that will offer everything from produce, loaves of bread, and sprinkles of every color, to popsicle sticks, artificial flowers, and playdoh!!!!

Your team will have 30 minutes and 30 Store Wars “dollars” to create an awesome display based upon the theme we will announce at the beginning of each of our wars. Displays will be judged for creativity, neatness, and how well you use the secret ingredient we supply on each tray. Medals will be given to the top 3 teams 🙂

Store Directory
  • Groceries –R– Us:  Located on the dance floor. Here you can find a ton of your favorite grocery items such as:  Cookies, cereals, pastas, and snack cakes

  • Woodloch Bakery:  Located on the dance floor. Here you can find some of Woodloch’s finest baked goods such as:  Cupcakes, donuts, breadsticks, and bagels

  • Candy Shop:  Located in the Mezzanine. Here you can find all your sweet tooth needs such as:  Gummy bears, licorice, and skittles

  • The “Flour” Shop:  Located in the alcove. Here you can find all your floral needs: Artificial flowers, ribbon,accent gems, and more

  • Home Goods:  Located in the Mezzanine. Here you can find all types of dishware and other items that may help you in your construction efforts.

  • The Craft Room:  Located in the Mezzanine. Here you can get creative with items such as: Construction paper, popsicle sticks, and pipe cleaners

  • Custom Works:  Located in the Alcove. This is where you’ll find our  fondant station along with other great items to help customize your teams creation and a rainbow assortment of icing colors!