School Days Games

Join us Wednesday afternoon ALL SUMMER LONG for our “School Days” Games!  These 6 brand new games will bring you “back to your school days”.  Re-live your High School glory days!   So slick back your hair, dust off your Varsity jacket, and have some fun with your friends and family…..

  • Blackboard:  Teams will be given a sentence to write out. Then one at a time each player will run up and write out that sentence. Teams will have two minutes to write that sentence as many times as possible, but will only receive points for legible sentences

  • Playground Games:  This will be a medley of games like hop-scotch, jump rope, etc. each play must complete the assigned task as quickly as possible. The fastest time wins!

  • Un-Locker Room:  Half the team will run to our lockers that have a pad lock on it and attempt to open up the lock. Once they do that they will run it back to the other players and those players will run and lock up the lockers again

  • Food Fight:  This is a team vs. team event. Teams will stand across from each other and attempt to throw our food into the basket across from them. The team with the most food made into the opposite teams basket wins

  • Cheer:  One of our staff members will teach each team a cheer. The team that does the cheer the best wins

  • Crowded Hallway:  Teams will run through our “hallway” filled with obstacles attempting to get through it as fast as possible