Pool Games
Image of young man participating in Woodloch Pool Games

Summer brings sunshine, warm weather…and one of our ALL-TIME favorite events:  POOL GAMES!

Join us every Thursday morning at the Pool for 6 water based games.  Some of the events will take place inside at the indoor pool, while others will be held at our outdoor pool.

Bring the entire family along!

  • Plank:  If you were ever a Pirate, you’d know where this game is going!

  • Piggy Bank:  Grab as many discs from the bottom of the pool and drop them into the “piggy bank”.  See how many points you can score.

  • Big Raft:  Swim out to collect those ducks.  Then spell the “magic” word for points!

  • Lily Pads:  Your chance to “walk” on water!

  • Human Ring Toss:  One teammate is the “post”.  The rest of the team needs to get the hoops over your head and down to your feet!

  • Steal the Watermelon:  Timed head to head race.  Get the watermelon back faster than your opponent.