Summer Olympics

The Woodloch Summer Olympics are one of our most popular events at the resort. As always, we will have 6 NEW events for you to compete in. We suggest you spend some time at the gym before you arrive…you will be running! (Don’t forget to dress for the weather conditions! We will be outside!)

Teams of approximately 10- 12 members will compete against each other in a series of outdoor games..  In the Summer, we run our Olympics a little differently.  You sign up to participate, and WE put the teams together.  It’s a great way to meet people and make new friends!

Medals are awarded for the top scores

  • Knock Your Block Off:  We have officially built our own version of giant brick walls. Armed with nothing but your accuracy, your team will attempt to knock over an entire wall of bricks before the other teams!

  • Tic Tac Slow:  A variation of the classic game of tic tac toe! Speed is your ally in this game! The sooner you get 3 in a row, the better… if you’re not as fast as the other team, don’t worry! Strategy and blocking play an important part in this great game!

  • Baseball Drill:  America’s favorite past-time! This year we’re going to play catch with a twist and see how many catches in a row your team can make!

  • Soccer Bullseye:  This year, Woodloch has built a giant target out of velcro and we are going to play a super sized game of darts, using soccer balls!

  • Blanket Volleyball:  We’ve taken the traditional rules of volleyball and thrown them out the window in this game! Teams are going to be given blankets to launch and catch volleyballs! Don’t ever let the volleyball hit the ground or the other team will score a point!!

  • Hay-bale Hurdle Jump:  Let’s get country with this great take on traditional Olympic jumping events!