New EDGE Games

We have had games on The EDGE since 2003.  Let’s be honest, 17 years is a good run!!  Times have changed, and technology changes almost DAILY.  With Adobe Flash having been discontinued, and browsers starting to phase out ALL Flash options, we could no longer hold on to the these classic relics.

We are happy to announce that we have launched 3 BRAND NEW GAMES!!  These are games you will be familiar with (they are NOT variations on games currently on the site), and it will take a little more effort to win and gather your Scavenger Hunt clues.




There will also be opportunities to get MORE clues by following WOODLOCH on our Social Media accounts!


Woodopoly, Zingo, Black Jack, Breakout & Paddleball…..thank you!  You have all served us well.  Enjoy your retirement… are all 1st ballot inductees into the Woodloch Hall of Fame for sure!



“WIll the New Games work on tablets and phones?”

This has been the #1 complaint regarding our on-line games.  YES!!  The New games can be played on any device. (for the best experience, laptops or tablets work best)

“Will there be less clues offered since there are only 3 games?”

Not at all.  There will be more clues in each of our new games.  That being said, it will be more difficult to win these games.

“Will you still be offering clues on the Game Cheats Page?”

For sure!  We will always provide some clues to help those who are looking for and “EDGE” to win the Scavenger Hunt! (see what we did there?)

“How will we be able to acquire more clues by following Woodloch on Social Media?”

This one is a bit more difficult to answer.  One week, you might find a riddle on the Woodloch Facebook account.  If you can decipher the riddle, you will know what to bring.   Maybe there is a photo on our Instagram account…and there’s a hidden clue within that photo?  Visit the EDGE twitter as we will post a clue here or there.  Perhaps you are instructed to visit the EDGE and search for small eggs or graphics within the stories on our site.  Find the image, click it, and you find a secret clue.  The possibilities are ENDLESS.  The more you stay up to date with Woodloch on Social Media, the more clues you can find!

“But we LOVE the vintage games…can we still play them?”

Unfortunately this won’t be possible.  These games are outdated, and because of this, they have become security risks.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  Sorry! (If you know Joey, you also know that he LOVES holding on to the past.  Sorry gang….they have been retired forever!)