Moon Games

The Apollo 11 moon landing was a first for mankind.  A ground breaking event in human history.  JUST LIKE OUR NEW MOON GAMES.  A fun time for the entire family!  6 “space” themed events.  Our astronauts are HEROES…and you can be too.  IF you bring home the gold medal!


Join us on Wednesday afternoons during the Summer!

  • Ring Around Saturn:  Ring toss game.

  • Save the Planet:  Pass the planet from person to person with a gutter piece.

  • Moonwalk:  Buddy walker team challenge.

  • Lost in Space:  Find the planet in our hidden space.

  • Crater Game:  Can you make it all the way across without stepping in a crater?

  • Solar System:  Can you hit the targets with our UFO’s?  Higher points the further away the planet is!