Lake Games - Toy Box

The time has come for the big announcement….

Our 2018 Summer Lake Games are coming straight from the Toy Box!

Join us every Wednesday morning all Summer long for 6 brand new events that are based off some classic toys from the past!

Our Lake Games will roll out on a “limited trial” basis late June – early July.

  • Donkey Kong:  Teams will roll barrels down the hill attempting to hit targets for points

  • Hulk Hogan:  Individuals from each team will go head to head against each other attempting to do their best wrestler impersonations

  • Evolution of Nerf:  Teams will get 2 minutes to score as many points as possible using various Nerf products from all different decades

  • Easy Bake Oven:  Teams will eat food from out easy bake oven as quickly as possible

  • Mr. Potato Head:  Teams will put together a life sized Mr. Potato Head as quickly as possible

  • SECRET EVENT:  You’ll have to wait until you visit to find out what our final event is!

Hope to see you at the Lake this Summer!