Lake Games - Back to the 90's

Our 2019 Summer Lake Games are a trip back to the 1990’s!

Join us every Wednesday morning all Summer long for 6 brand new events that are based off some classic 90’s trends!

Our Lake Games will roll out on a “limited trial” basis late June – early July.

It’s going to be “Totally Bangin'”!!!

  • LIVE TETRIS:  It’s Tetris but MUCH BIGGER

  • TW GOLF:  Fore!

  • MO’S Bar: A mug slide game…..

  • DANCE OFF:  Show off your 90’s Dance moves!

  • FOOD GAME: A light breakfast might be a good idea!

  • TOMMY BOYS:  Its a matching game (but you might want to re-watch the movie


Hope to see you at the Lake this Summer!