Ice Skating Pavilion

Did you know that Woodloch has a Covered, Synthetic Ice Skating Pavilion?

Our rink is located in the other side of Welcome Lake Road (it’s pretty easy to spot!)  The rink is approximately 130ft X 72ft.  and it has a roof spanning the ice surface(take that Mother Nature!)

We have personally tested this synthetic ice and it’s incredible!  Everything you can do on real ice, you can do on this!

More Details…

EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice is known and respected world-wide for its outstanding qualities. It is the most requested and recommended synthetic ice available due to its unmatched skating performance, ease of install, safety, durability and versatility.

EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice is used in every realm of the skating industry:

  • Recreational

  • Hockey Training

  • Figure skating training

  • Speed skating

  • Curling

  • Special events

  • High-end entertainment productions