Halloween Wars

This is our latest twist on cupcake wars. Halloween wars will be set up similar to cupcake wars but we will have more produce and fall themed candy at our store. We will have things such as pumpkins, corn, straw, gourds, apples, and more!

**Halloween Wars will run from Columbus Day through Jersey School Break**

Our event is one/30 minute round.  The “theme” will be given ahead of time – check the Daily Activity Sheet.  You only get ONE trip to the store – so choose your time wisely!!

Teams will be judged on the following:

  • Overall Presentation
  • How well the entry represent the given Theme
  • How well the team used the available ingredients
  • How well the team incorporated the “secret ingredient”


Our judges will tally the scores, and then the winner will be announced during our Daily “Awards” Presentation Live Stream on TV-80 and woodlochplus.com

Potential Inventory….

The store will now have more items available other than candy, sprinkles and icing! There will be different Fall/Halloween items available to purchase such as leaves, spiders, straw, and more!