Halloween Wars

This is our latest twist on cupcake wars. Halloween wars will be set up similar to cupcake wars but we will have more produce and fall themed candy at our store. We will have things such as pumpkins, corn, straw, gourds, apples, and more!

**Halloween Wars will run from Columbus Day through Jersey School Break**

There are two rounds (30 pts per round – 60 is a perfect score!): In Round 1, teams will have 12 minutes to decorate their entry. Themes are given, right before the time officially starts. Teams must decorate to represent the theme. They are also given a “secret ingredient” which must be incorporated into their display in some way. Our Halloween wars are not a free for all though! Each team will have a budget that they must work within, so you must chose your ingredients carefully because once you use up your budget no additional ingredients will be given out. To avoid a “bum rush”, teams pick 2 players from their team to be their buyers.

In round 2, you are given a new budget and a new theme…once again, you will have to stay within budget, and incorporate the secret ingredient. 12 minutes on the clock!

At the end of each round, all teams must have their entry displayed on our table. Teams will be judged on the following:

  • Overall Presentation
  • How well the entry represent the given Theme
  • How well the team used the available ingredients
  • How well the team incorporated the “secret ingredient”
  • Cleanliness (team members hands clothing and work areas!)



After the judges have tallied their scores, all teams are welcome to get their entry and taste! Highest score wins the gold medals! If your team didn’t win, don’t worry! We have 2 more rounds in store for you. Each round has a new theme and a new secret ingredient! Good luck and let the battle begin!

Potential Inventory….

There will be a “Produce Section” where you will be able to use your tickets to purchase Pumpkins, Gourds, Squash and all other kinds of fruits and vegetables. We will also offer a “carving station” for those who want to get a little more creative.

The store will now have more items available other than candy, sprinkles and icing! There will be different Fall/Halloween items available to purchase such as leaves, spiders, straw, and more!

We are going to add more than just baked goods on the trays, there will be fruits and veggies on the trays as well.