Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is an activity designed for teams of approximately 6-12 players. All players will work together to name their “bakery”. Once all of the bakery names are in, teams will receive their cupcakes. Each team receives 5 cupcakes and are given the rules to the game.

There are two rounds (30 pts per round – 60 is a perfect score!): In Round 1, Bakeries will have 12 minutes to decorate their cupcakes. In round one, you will be creating a “Gingerbread Cupcake”. Teams must decorate their cupcake to represent the theme. They are also given a “secret ingredient” which must be incorporated into their display in some way. Our cupcake wars are not a free for all though! Each team will have a budget that they must work within, so you must chose your ingredients carefully because once you use up your budget no additional ingredients will be given out. To avoid a “bum rush”, teams pick 2 players from their bakery to be their buyers.

In round 2, you are given a new budget and a new theme:  GINGER BREAD HOUSE!!!…once again, you will have to stay within budget, and incorporate the secret ingredient. 12 minutes on the clock!

At the end of each round, all teams must have their work displayed on our table. Teams will be judged on the following:


  • Overall Presentation

  • How well the cupcakes represent the given Theme

  • How well the bakery used the available ingredients

  • How well the bakery incorporated the “secret ingredient”

  • Cleanliness (“bakers’” hands and tables)


After the judges have tallied their scores, all bakeries are welcome to get their cupcakes and taste! Highest score wins the gold medals! If your bakery didn’t win, don’t worry! We have 2 more rounds in store for you. Each round has a new theme and a new secret ingredient! Good luck and let the battle begin!


Inventory (Ingredients might vary based on time of year)

Cupcakes (Vanilla. Provided by bakery)
Frosting (Vanilla and Chocolate. Provided by bakery)
Sprinkles (pink, yellow, blue, and orange)
Food Coloring (red, green, yellow, black)
Modeling Chocolate (both regular and white)

Pixie Stick Dust (orange, purple, pink, blue)
Fruit Loops
Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Shavings
White Chocolate Chunks
Plastic Spoons
Single Serving Plastic Cups
(used to get ingredients)
Pastry Bags (NEEDED!!