Generation Gap Summer Games
Photo of different age people on swings

We have had SO much fun rolling out our “Generation Gap Trivia” this Spring, that we have decided to take it to the next level for the Summer of 2024.

We present to you our GENERATION GAP GAMES.

5 events – each one with a theme from a different generation.

Illustration of different age people. Green and Blue shades of color
  • Boomers:  A “Croquette: obstacle course.  Timed event.

  • Gen X:  Hacky Sack bullseye.  Hit the target to score points.

  • Millennials:  Disc golf.  The further away the target, the more points you can score.

  • Gen Z:  A vertical bean-bag competition.

  • Gen Alpha:  Pickleball.  How could it be anything else?