Woodloch Feud Survey

Have fun filling out our survey questions.  You might just see them in our next game!


1. What's a great way to liven up a dull party?

2. Name a game kids have played for generations and generations.

3. Name a word or phrase containing the word chip.

4. Name an animal that does tricks.

5. Name something people eat with peanut butter.

6. Besides a clock, what in your home displays the correct time?

7. What subject might a father give advice to his son.

8. Name something people don't want to do on a Sunday.

9. Name something made out of rubber.

10. Name a gift you can pick up at the last minute.

11. Name a reason people love summer.

12. Name a word that has "key" in it.

13. Name a place where you need to be quiet.

14. Name something that melts when it gets hot.

15. Name something associated with "magic".

16. Name a high school class that kids consider to be hard.

17. Name something that comes in pairs.