Woodloch Feud Survey

Have fun filling out our survey questions.  You might just see them in our next game!


1. Where do kids spend most of their time?

2. What is the first thing you do in the morning?

3. Name someone you might ask for directions.

4. Name an ice cream topping.

5. Name a reason people get fired.

6. Name an actor who is in a lot of movies.

7. Name something people have as a pet.

8. Name a place where people need coins.

9. Name a material people need when building a house.

10. Name something you never leave without.

11. Name something that comes out of clouds.

12. Name something that comes in a glass bottle.

13. What's the most expensive item in your home?

14. Name something people can buy at a gas station.

15. Name something in a person's wallet.

16. Name a country with a lot of people.