Groovy 60's Field Day Games

Our 2019 Family Event will be all about Peace, Love and GAMES!!  It’s the “groovy 60’s” man…..

It’s the 50th Anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival this year.  Seemed like the 60’s would be the perfect theme for our Monday Family Games!  It’s going to be psychedelic BABY!

  • Juke Box:  We give you the song – you find the number that matches.  You are on the clock.

  • Flower Child:  YOU become the flower….that’s all we are giving away.

  • King Size Bed Game:  No….you will NOT be taking a nap.

  • Trolls:  Milk Jug Troll Game.

  • Interpretive Art:  Which was is up for our “unique” paintings?

  • Battleship:  Throw as many torpedoes into the battleship as you can in under 2 minutes.