Family Field Day Games
Photo of family posting at Woodloch Family Field Day Games

Our 2022 Family Field Day Games are ready to go!  Bring the family; from the little ones to the grandparents.  Nothing too intense here – except for the desire to win that Woodloch Gold(ish) Medal!


No matter your age, there is something for just about everyone!

Photo of child holding a cup at the Woodloch Family Field Day Games
  • Maze Run – Make your way through our maze as quickly as possible.  Oh, by the way, your entire team is connected.

  • Over Easy – A timed race with eggs and frying pans.

  • Ladder Game – Knock the target off our ladder kicking a soccer ball.  The higher you go, the more points you get.

  • Jurassic Park – Bounce the ball off our trampoline into different scoring targets.

  • Goal in Goal – Are you trying to score a goal, or kicking a field goal?  Or is it both?

  • Wobble Ball – Balance a ball on a tray, and attempt to get that ball into the elevated basket.