Double Dare

It’s messy….it’s a little gross (actually, a LOT)..and as always, it’s back for the Summer of 2024 (twice a week!)

Teams of 10 – 12 players will compete in a series of events to see who has what it takes to bring home the GOLD! Expect to be wet, muddy, dirty, and sticky.  It’s all part of the experience

Some things to remember:

  • You will get wet and messy.  That’s a fact

  • Spectators will get wet and messy.  That’s also a fact

  • The “gross” factor on a few events is very, very high.

  • We enjoy making it messy and gross 🙂

  • Toothpaste Tube:  Ever wondered what it would feel like to be toothpaste?

  • Slip & Game:  Trying to get 4 in a row while hurdling down our Slip-n-Slide

  • Dunk Tank:  You know how this goes!

  • Puddle Jump:  Head to head water event.

  • Chocolate Face Hockey:  Seems pretty self explanatory right?

  • Toilet Spin Game:  Empty that roll first or face the consequences.