Double Dare

It’s messy….it’s a little gross..and it’s back for the Summer of 2018! (event will debut in late June!)

Teams of 10 – 12 players will compete in a series of events to see who has what it takes to bring home the GOLD! Expect to be wet, muddy, dirty, and sticky.  It’s all part of the experience.

Double Dare is  so popular, we have run it twice every week! (Sunday and Thursday)

Some things to remember:

  • you will get wet and messy.  That’s a fact
  • spectators will get wet and messy.  That’s also a fact
  • the “gross” factor on a few events is very, very high.
  • we enjoy making it messy and gross 🙂
  • Dunk Tank:  Teams will throw balls at a target attempting to hit it. Every time it’s hit the player underneath it will get soaked with freezing cold water! Points will be awarded for every hit

  • Mister Balloon:  Each team member will have a water mister and will start in a line. We will give the 1st person in line a balloon. The goal is to get the balloon all the way down to the other side and quickly as possible without letting it fall to the ground.

  • Slide and Slide Field Goal:  At the end of our giant slip and slide we have placed a field goal. This is a head to head event, where one person from each team will go at the same time and attempt to get to the end of our slip and slide. Once they get to the end they will throw a football through our field goal. The person that gets it through 1st will get points for their team

  • Back to Back Beach Ball:  Teammates will pair up and face back to back. We will then put a beach ball between them and they must run to the other end of the field as fast as possible

  • Shaving Cream Cheese Balls:  Half the team will sit in a chair and get shaving cream dumped on their head. The other half will have cheese balls and attempt throw the cheese balls at the people sitting down. Teams will get 2 minutes to get as many cheese balls stuck on their teammates heads

  • H20 Gun Fill:  Half the team will have our water guns and the other half will hold a funnel. When the whistle blows the people with the water guns will shoot at the funnels. The people with the funnels will attempt to catch the water with the funnel in aim it into our measuring cup. The team with the most water wins!