Dirty Dancing Games

We have a lot of great events for our guests at Woodloch.  But not ALL of our guests are “athletes”.
Our Wednesday Lawn Games is the event for you!

This year, we have created some games that are “very loosely” based on one of our favorite guilty pleasure movies “Dirty Dancing”.

Check out what we have in store for you below.  Look forward to another great Summer of fun!!

  • Baby’s Corner:  Nobody puts baby in the corner…but we just might!

  • Balance Beam:  We all know that dancers have incredible balance.

  • Watermelon Relay: A watermelon race with an obstacle course?  Why not?

  • Dance Sequence:  Your chance to prove that you don’t have 2 left feet!

  • The “Lift”:  It’s your turn to re-create the infamous scene from the movie.

  • Woodloch Song: We’ve got a song for you…it’s been re-written, and you need to sing it LOUD and PROUD!