Holiday Deco-Wars
Gingerbread House Decorating

Starting November 26th our traditional Gingerbread Wars has a brand new “Nailed It” twist! Can your team check off all the items on Woodloch Santa’s List and nail the competition?

Each team will start with the same tray of goodies, but how you use them is up to you!!!

Decorative Icing

Each team will receive a tray full of cupcakes, rice-krispie treats, ice cream cones, graham crackers, and assorted icings and candies along with 10 tickets to use at our Decorating Store to “purchase” additional treats to help their team on their quest for the gold! Timing is key because you only get 45 minutes to complete your display and your team is only allowed one trip to the Decorating Store during that time. How your team decorates your display is up to you, but it must include everything on the “Nice List”

Christmas Cookies on Wooden Platter