*Our Activity Sheet is created DAILY.  It can change due to weather, guest counts, and or other factors.  Therefore we CAN NOT send you an advance copy of the sheet for the dates you are visiting. *

In order to better meet the needs of our Woodloch Guests, we are changing the way that we post our daily activity sheet on the EDGE.

For years we have posted the same activity sheet that you would see on TV-75/80 (formerly TV-22) when you are visiting the resort.
This flash movie served us well…but you had to sit through the entire movie to see all of the events throughout the day.

Technology has advanced……everyone has a smart phone.  We are seeing ever increasing numbers of Ipads rather than laptop computers.
And as most of you know Apple and Adobe (Flash) don’t get along…

So here is our solution.  We are now going to post our daily activity sheet in PDF form right here EVERY DAY.
So what does this mean for you?



You can now download and view our activity sheet on your computer, Ipad or smartphone!

(the printed sheet will still be available at the Front Desk on the tables in the dining room every morning)


No more carrying around an activity sheet in your pocket, or having to sit and wait to see what is going on later in the day.
(not to mention all the PAPER we will be able to save….always thinking “Green” at Woodloch”

To view our daily activity sheet