Cupcake Wars

Cupcake Wars is the classic “bakery” design Game!!  Each team receives 5 cupcakes to start.  And then you let your imagination run wild to create your masterpiece (based on the theme provided)

Our event is one/30 minute round.  The “theme” will be given ahead of time – check the Daily Activity Sheet.  You only get ONE trip to the store – so choose your time wisely!!

Teams will be judged on the following:

  • Overall Presentation
  • How well the entry represent the given Theme
  • How well the team used the available ingredients
  • How well the team incorporated the “secret ingredient”


Our judges will tally the scores, and then the winner will be announced during our Daily “Awards” Presentation Live Stream on TV-80 and

Potential Inventory….

The store will now have more items available other than candy, sprinkles and icing! There will be different seasonal items available to purchase with the 10 tickets provided by our Staff (no purchase necessary!)

**We will be offering “various” versions of our Cupcake wars during holiday packages, and throughout the year.  These limited time events will be announced on the EDGE.  Make sure you check the site before you visit!**