Woodloch will help strengthen your employee relations
and build a Successful TEAM!


Whether you are looking for “sedate”, “extreme”, or something
in between, our Team building Staff will customize an activity to fit your


Choose from some of our favorites or we’ll help expand your own ideas
to create a customized team building option to help you achieve your
objectives and goals.


If you have any questions regarding any of our team building events, feel free
to call our Group Sales Team at 800.453.8263, option 3. It will be our pleasure
to introduce you to our team building program.


Joey Ranner

Social Director

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Most Popular


  • Boat Buliding – design and create a boat with limited resources.  And then….the boat goes in the water!
  • Cupcake Wars – which team can work together to create the best cupcake design.
  • Chef’s Point of View – last minute cocktail party and your team has to set it up!
  • Chain Reaction – dominate with dominoes.
  • Olympic Games – 6 Olympic style events.
  • Scavenger Hunt – teams will compete to see who can gather the most items on our list.
  • Amazing Race – Puzzles & tasks to complete all around our 120 acre campus.  Your team is on the clock!


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Here are just some of the companies that have come to Woodloch for their events:


  • Outback®
  • Verizon®
  • General Motors®
  • Google®
  • General Electric®
  • Nationwide®
  • Kraft®
  • Dunkin Donuts®
  • Apple®
  • Mattel®
  • Domino’s Pizza®


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