Color Games

Join us this Summer for our “Color Games”!  6 awesome events – all assigned their very own color.
Not an “athlete” so to speak?  No worries – these events are set up so that EVERYONE can participate.
All you need to do is try your best.  Maybe you can take home the coveted Woodloch Gold Medal!

  • RED GAME– Ramps, bocce balls and different point values based on the difficulty.

  • BLUE GAME – How fast can your team build a puzzle?

  • GREEN GAME– Make a pyramid out of “money”.  The higher the better.

  • YELLOW GAME – sunflowers and fake bees.  The rest is TOP SECRET.

  • ORANGE GAME – It’s a form of bowling.  Everything is Orange….evertying.

  • PURPLE GAME – Brush up on the Classic Prince song.