2022 Carnival
2022 Carnival Flyer. Colors of the British Flag

Our 2022 Woodloch Carnival has arrived!


“British Mania” –  Music, games all with a very across the pond feel.


To speed things up, and limit lines at our Prize Booth, we are once again listing our available items on-line!  You will be able to find that link here on the EDGE, and on the WOODLOCH APP!

  • Bananarama – Launch the banana into the hammock

  • Message in a Bottle – Floating duck pond game

  • Tumblin’ Dice – Mini-Horseracing game

  • Spandau Ballet – TBA

  • Pet Shop Boys – Woof, woof….there’s a wheel, and there are pets.

  • Yardbirds – Angry Birds are back!

  • Squeeze – Lemons and slushies….

  • Wild Thing – A famous song and a famous Movie Character?  Could be…

  • Zombies – Board Game

  • Eyes Without a Face – Bank the ball off the board into the hole for the most points

  • Yellow Submarine – putting game

  • Name That tune – you know what to expect!

  • Electric Avenue – Jump Rope Game

  • Pinball Wizard – Mini-Pinball

  • Bohemian Rhapsody – this game is too strange to attempt to explain

  • Iron Maiden – a very odd version of PLINKO for sure!

Image of model car with British Flag on the roof
Photograph of London Bridge
Illustration of the British Flag