60th Anniversary Games

Our 2018 Family Event will be  our “60th Anniversary Games”.  We are taking a look back at some of YOUR favorite games from the past.

We ran a poll and YOU picked the games!  We have tabulated the results, and we now have our 6 games for the Summer of 208!

Here are the Winners YOU picked for our 60th Anniversary Games

Thank you for voting!


  • Car Stuffing:  See how many people from your team and stuff into a car as fast as possible.

  • Tug Of War:  Simply old fashioned tug of war

  • Pin Ball Dodgeball:  A twist on dodgeball where instead of aiming at the opposite teams players you are aiming for pins that those players are guarding

  • Pass The Puck Hockey:  Each teammate will pick a stand to stand by the stands are numbered 1-10.  Player 1 will pack the puck to player two and so on, but its player 10s goal to get a goal with the puck before the other team

  • Hula Hoop Pass:  The team will lock arms and try to pass as many hula hoops as possible in 2 minutes without breaking their chain, but wait there’s a twist there will be hula hoops of all different sizes, some large, some very small, you get the most points for the small ones that make it down the chain.

  • Belly Bumper Relay:  This is simple you just pick up a belly bumper around you and run to the next player and you want to get all your players to do this until the last teammate crosses the finish line, then time will stop, you want to get the fastest time of the day.