Woodloch just completed our “12 Days of Giving” for the second year in a row. We repeated some of people’s favorites from last year while adding six brand new ones. Each day brought a new gift to so many different people. The entire Woodloch Family and Staff can’t wait to see what Santa has in store for us next year!

12 Days of Giving:


  1. Woodloch Show on the Road: Visited and entertained Ellen Memorial Health Care Rehab Center.
  2. Cooking Class: Senior Centers from Hawley, Honesdale, and Hamlin visited Woodloch for a complimentary cooking class followed by a Woodloch Lunch.
  3. Woodloch Visits Salvation Army Store: Handed out Coffee and Home Basket Goods to over 300 store patrons and staff.
  4. Blanket the World: Woodloch collected over 100 blankets for the Warm in the Night Shelter for the Grace Episcopal Church in Honesdale.
  5. Operation Christmas Child: Staff filled shoe boxes with useful clothes or fun toys for children all around the world.
  6. Angel Tree: Woodloch staff chose ornament off our tree to purchase items to make a child’s Christmas a little merrier.
  7. PSP Strong: Woodloch brought coffee and cake to all the local police stations.
  8. Adopt a Family: Woodloch helped a few local families with a fun and festive Woodloch vacation.
  9. Random Tagging: Woodloch picked up the tabs of random diners at The Boat House Restaurant. In addition, a portion of our revenue went to the family of State Policeman Corporal Dickson.
  10. Toys for Tots: Once again, at Woodloch, our staff purchased toys for military families.
  11. Fill ‘er Up: Pumping up people for the Holiday- Woodloch took a day at the new Market Property to fill up the gas tanks of cars, at random.
  12. Thanking Employees: Woodloch chose random employees to give a little extra help for the holidays.

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