Boat Build Regatta

We reached into the archives for this event!  After almost 9 years, we are bringing back our Woodloch Regatta as a 2016 Summer Event.

Join us on Monday afternoon during the Summer for a very unique team event at the Lake!

This event requires communication skills, planning, and time management.  Teams will receive a limited amount of supplies and attempt to build and race a boat.  All the supplies are very basic, and teams will have to build a boat in a limited amount of time (50 min).  Once all the boats are built, teams will then have one person on their team actually get in their boat and race against each other.  The fastest time overall wins.

All boats must look like a boat (no boogie boards).  Boats must be self propelled but teams may make their own oar.  The only materials that teams are required to give back are the knives.  Before we race the boats teams will present them to everyone and explain their thinking with the boat design.