Woodloch Feud Survey

Have fun filling out our survey questions.  You might just see them in our next game!


1. Name something you might find in a diaper bag

2. Name something people would do a lot more of if cell phones did not exist

3. Name something you stuff

4. Name a place people like to hide things

5. Name a kind of chip

6. Name something that you hang

7. Name something people cut

8. Tell me the first thing you ate when you went off your diet

9. Name something people smell before they buy it

10. Finish this sentence: “A man doesn’t have a chance with me if he doesn’t have a _______”

11. Tell me an occupation where you have to touch your customers

12. Name something that expires

13. What is the most annoying thing other drivers do on the road

14. Name something people hide under the bed

15. Name something that is best when it is very cold

16. Name something little kids hate to do